Is there a shoe right for you? Yes there is but choosing the correct shoe is choosing one that meets your needs and budget.

If you want to email us the answers to the questions below, we will reply with a few suggestions about the shoe you may want to consider.



Before you buy think about:


  1. Am I right or left handed. We carry shoes for left handed people and can order other shoes.
  2. How many times a week do I curl. Frequent playing means you need a sturdy shoe – leather not vinyl.
  3. Am I gentle with my shoes or do I ride them hard and put them away wet. If you treat your shoes well (dry them out regularly) you can get away with a lower price point shoe.
  4. Is my foot wide, narrow or just right Some brands are wider than others.
  5. Other than marriage, do I get cold feet. You will need an insulated shoe and thats costs more.
  6. If I have a current pair of curling shoes what thickness of slider do I have. Very important! There are 6 slider thicknesses and you want to ensure your new shoes have the same or a thicker slider than your old shoes.
  7. Are my feet still growing (if you’re over 20 and still growing the curling shoe purchase is not your biggest problem). If you have kids who are still growing we have a number of suggestions to ease the economic burden of purchasing curling shoes. By buying a half a size bigger for instance, your child might get 2 seasons out of the new shoe.
  8. When I try on shoes will the socks I wear be the same thickness as the ones I wear when I curl. Bring socks with you or use our loaner socks to ensure you get a good fit. Why we even wash them once a season!
  9. Do I use orthotics. Take this into account and bring them when you try on shoes.
  10. Do I have flat feet. Some brands offer more support.
  11. Do I need arch support- God knows I get little support from my skip. Some shoes are better than others in this regard.
  12. What position do I play. If you throw hits a lot you might want to consider a thicker slider.
  13. Is my usual club cold. You might want a more insulated shoe and also one that offer lots of room in the toe box for air circulation.
  14. What’s my budget. Shoes range from the high $60s to over $300. We will do all we can to take into account all of the above questions and your budget.
  15. Do I have the time to buy shoes. Take some time to buy your shoes. They don’t fit like street shoes. Ensure you lace them properly to give the shoe a good test.

The shoes you ultimately pick will depend on your answers to the questions above. No two curling manufacturers make their shoes alike.

At the Hogline Curlers Proshop our variety of inventory can deliver you a suitable shoe that might just make for a great if not a better delivery.

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Joe Pavia – Owner/Operator

The Hogline Curlers Proshop is owned and operated by an experienced curler - Joe Pavia.


While Joe knows many renowned curlers, he’s most at home serving club curlers, rookies, children, youth and senior curlers who might not want to shop but just want to chat about the game we all love.

Joe has been involved with the curling world for decades as a player, organizer and curling commentator. He’s the weekly curling columnist for the Ottawa Sun where his Wednesday column is eagerly anticipated and is indeed available across the country. 

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