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  • Game more mental than everNovember 26, 2014

    BY JOE PAVIA It’s a team effort in more ways than one. Curling fans have heard for a long time about teams using sports psychologists. They have become part of a team’s arsenal with elite rinks all over the curling world. The Scottish teams used them first. Gerry Peckham, the Canadian Curling Association’s Director of […]

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  • Brier returning to Ottawa in 2016November 21, 2014

    BY CHRIS HOFLEY, OTTAWA SUN Canada’s best curlers are coming back to the capital. For the fourth time in history and first time in 15 years, the Tim Hortons Brier will be held in Ottawa at the revamped TD Place, the Canadian Curling Association (CCA) announced Thursday. From March 5-13, in just over a year […]

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    The Tim Hortons Brier is returning to Ottawa at TD Place in the 10,000 seat arena. The dates are March 5-13, 2016. The last Brier hosted in Ottawa left a very bad taste in curlers collective mouths. The 2001 Brier made no money at all. The hundreds of hours devoted to the event by hundreds […]

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  • 2016 Brier expected in OttawaNovember 19, 2014

    BY JOE PAVIA   The Brier in Ottawa? Tomorrow morning at 11:30 at TD Place, the CCA is expected to announce Ottawa as the host to the 2016 Tim Hortons Brier. A few months ago the CCA and OVCA signed a letter of agreement securing the event here. Ottawa had been awarded the 2011 Ford […]

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    The new Ottawa Youth League has a chance to make national exposure on TrueSport Give Back Challenge, Canada wide contest.  The spirit of giving back to our kids, families and communities with the help of sports.  The OYCL has produce a lot of great stories already this year and we want to continue and make […]

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  • Good to get caught nappingNovember 12, 2014

    BY JOE PAVIA This is a fundraiser you can sleep on. Two-time Scotties winner (with skip Kelly Scott) Sasha Carter came up with a fundraising idea called Sweep to Sleep, a team-to-team challenge. The goal is to raise funds for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation. “It was thought that we should try to raise awareness and […]

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Check out our web pages to discover our lines of products and services.


See the PRODUCTS page for a look at our wide selection.



We are the first to admit that the quality of our shoe rehabilitation service was not up to our past efforts.

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO: We have partnered with Paul Lavigne a shoe maker at Moneysworth and Best at Billings Bridge Plaza. Paul has the material for toe coatings and toe caps. For grippers please purchase a gripper at the shop for $15 and bring them to Paul.

You deal directly with him for this work. His number is 613 739-1850.

We are still  trying to come up with a solution for slider application.


 NEW – Warthog pads – designed to last a long time and stay clean. 

warthog 1warthog2

HEAT PACKS – see Novelties section

hand warmers








The Acacia shoes are in – the Matrix and the Hacker.



Can’t get enough of your curling fix?

Need a unique activity for a birthday party?

Having an event at your curling club?

You can now RENT a FLOORCURL unit so you can curl on a floor near you. The unit includes everything you need.

  • Eight (8) FloorCurl rocks + carrying case
  • Two (2) target mats (houses) + carrying case

The cost is $50 a day. To rent either call the Hogline Curlers Proshop (613 233-9022) or email

Owing to our licensing agreement we cannot rent to schools or school groups.


NEW OTTAWA YOUTH LEAGUE (sponsored by the Hogline Curlers Proshop) HAS FIRST EVENT

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Rachel Homan and Emma Miskew about 40 youth league members enjoyed and skills clinic conducted by the two national champions on Sunday.





We don’t mind putting products aside for you. We will only save the item for you for 2 days unless other arrangements are made.



Ultima carbon fiber brooms with 1″  handles for only $85… regular $119.95.

carbon fiber img_635324746482487500

Here are some nice things said about the shop in recent weeks.

 Joe, Just wanted to say thanks for the help today
 sorting out my kit. Its great to find someone knowledgeable
 that doesn’t mind spending the time to explain
 everything and help me out as I get started in

“Joe, Thanks again for the amazing service tonight. I appreciate the time & expertise you gave to my son Jordan. He is very happy with his new shoes & looking forward to using them this weekend. Cheers!” Kevin



 The Hogline Curlers Proshop will be at the Rookie Rocks League at the Prescott Curling Club on Saturday December 13 at 11:30 a.m. We will also be at the Renfrew Club on Tuesday Dec. 16 at 8:30 giving a talk to their rookie curlers.

SEASON OPENING (2014 2015 season)

The Hogline Curlers Proshop will open for the season on Monday August 25. HOURS: 10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.  Monday to Friday. August 25 to September 26

10 A.M. TO 6 P.M.  & (Wednesday & Thursday nights until 9 p.m.) Seven days a week September 29 2014 to March 29, 2015

10 A.M. TO 6 P.M. March 30 to  May 3, 2015 WEEKDAYS ONLY.



Besides Joe Pavia, the following staff are happy to serve.


Colton Daly is a competitive junior skip and Carleton student. He works Tuesdays and weekends.



Sharron Gannon is a curler who has four daughters, 2 curling on the competitive circuit. Sharon works Wednesday and Thursday evenings and as required.

1. Email or phone the shop to inquire about the item you want.
2. We will take your credit card info, address etc then send you the item.
3. Once you receive the item please email or call us to say you received the item. Then and only then will we charge your credit card.
In this way we will be better able to answer your questions about selection and availability so you are not kept waiting.

4. We can also mail you gift cards through the same procedure as #3 above.


The Hogline Curlers Proshop will match any price on in stock equipment. We strive to match the prices of our on-line suppliers and in some cases be lower.

We welcome the opportunity to match prices.


The OVCA Little Rock Championship, sponsored by Hogline Curlers Proshop, was held at the Navy CC on Sunday March 23. Pictured above are the winners from RCMP Curling Club: Eva MacCarthy, Brendan Laframboise, David Boswell and Lucus Bourguignon pictured above with Joe Pavia.


We also offer appointment shopping. If you want to contact me via  to suggest a time you might be in town I will open at anytime to serve your travel needs.


NOTICE: We will NO LONGER redeem Hogline Gift Certificates issued prior to August 30, 2009. Certificates issued prior to that date were issued by the stores previous owners. We did redeem many of their issued gift certificates but will now stop.


APPOINTMENT SHOPPING: In order to accommodate the many out of town friends who visit the Hogline Curlers Proshop we are happy to make special arrangements for pre or post opening hours shopping. With the hectic Holiday Season near this may help you better plan your traveling time. See the Contact Us section in order to help us serve you.

GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL NEWS! The Hogline Curlers Proshop, in conjunction with FRISBY TIRE is now (we think this is true) the only place that now recycles grippers. Anyone who needs a new gripper won’t be throwing the old one away anymore! We will be taking old grippers to get recycled once a week. Check out our broom head and gripper recycling box just outside the entrance to the Hogline Curlers Proshop.

HOGLINE FREE INFO SESSIONS FOR ROOKIES: The Hogline Curlers Proshop will gladly visit your facility if you have rookie curlers and give these folks an interesting talk about buying their first sets of curling equipment. We will bring a small array of equipment so they can feel what curling equipment is like. We won’t sell them anything but give them the tools to know what they should look for when they want to buy. See our CONTACT PAGE to get in touch with us to arrange a visit.


The Hogline Curlers Proshop -

Good things come in small packages.

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15questions Ottawa Youth Curling League

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Joe Pavia – Owner/Operator

The Hogline Curlers Proshop is owned and operated by an experienced curler - Joe Pavia.

While Joe knows many renowned curlers, he’s most at home serving club curlers, rookies, children, youth and senior curlers who might not want to shop but just want to chat about the game we all love.

Joe has been involved with the curling world for decades as a player, organizer and curling commentator. He’s the weekly curling columnist for the Ottawa Sun where his Wednesday column is eagerly anticipated and is indeed available across the country.