All curling shoes come with various width sliders. The sliders reduce or eliminate the heat transfered between your foot and the ice. The thicker the slider the less work you do pushing out of the hack, the further you slide and the more time you have to set up your shot.

Unless other wise indicated shoes boast leather uppers and are available for right handers only.  A more compelete description of all the shoes featured below is available at the manufacturers websites listed above.

Grippers and sliders are listed under accessories.

Teachable moment: Never step off the side boards with your slider foot first if you do not have it covered by a gripper.

NOW IN – A new curling shoe that the Hogline Curlers Proshop helped to design. The new Acacia shoes – 2 models: The Matrix and the Hacker.


Both the Matrix and the Hacker come with a split, hinged 1/8″ slider which are fastened to the shoe with industrial strength Velcro. The durable gripper pods are also fastened with Velcro.

 The shoes feature a heat shield designed to prevent heat seeping out of your shoes. You can also purchase thicker sliders – 5/32, 3/16 and 1/4 inch.

Cost: Matrix $149.99. Hacker $129.99. 5/32″ sliders $24.99/pair; 3/16″ sliders $32.99/pair; 1/4″ sliders $38.99/pair.


 Force: This is an Asham shoe with a full white 5/32″ slider. For men and women. We carry them for both right-handers and left-handers. Cost: $209.99 includes gripper.


 The Legacy: This all leather shoe with the rotator sliders is available for men and women. We stock limited sizes. Cost: $199.99 includes full slip on gripper and 2 gripper disks. Slider disks are an additional purchase.


 The shoe above can be used by both right and left-handers.


The Junior shoe: This youth shoe has a PVC upper and comes with 2 1/16″ slider disks, 2 gripper disks and a slip on gripper. Limited sizes.


Sizes: Men’s sizing only 3,4.5 and 7-12 (No half sizes). Cost: $89.95. This shoe can be used by both left and right handed curlers.

K8 Junior Shoe: This man made fabric shoe has a full white 3/32″ slider and leather toe to reduce drag. Children’s sizes 1 to 4. Cost: $129.99 includes a slip on grippers.




K8 Adult Shoe: This is the same as the junior shoe above – suede with a leather toe box and a 3/32 full slider. This can also be ordered with  a red brick full slider. Sizes: Men’s  9 to 11.5; women’s 5 to 11 with half sizes to 10.5. Cost: $139.99. This can also be ordered for a left handed curler.

The Slam Ultra Lite; A full grained leather upper as well as 2 gripper disks and a slip on gripper, makes this shoe adaptable to any thickness slider disks.


Sizes: Men 7 to size 14 and in half sizes until 11.5 & Women size 5 to 11 and half sizes until 10.5, Colour: Black. Cost: $219.99. This shoe can be used by both right and left handed curlers.


Teachable moment: Apply the grittiest toothpaste you can find to your finger and rub the paste over your sliders. Rub it in then clean your slider. The grit in the paste will help clean some of the dirt out of the little niks and scratches on your slider…and your sliders will not get cavities.

 Balance Plus

Balance Plus coats its sliders to protect them in shipping. The coating takes time to wear off, 2 to 3 games. They may seem slow at first but they do speed up.

Deluxe: Their premier curling shoe. We carry the 1/4 inch, 3 dimple slider model and toe coated. You also get a complimentary gripper with the shoe. This is the shoe Team Glenn Howard and Team Amber Holland wear and lead Dawn Askin on Team Jennifer Jones.



Sizes: Men 7-15, Women 5-11 (Half sizes available) Cost: $325, uncoated $309.95  – both include a slip on gripper. Other slider width can be ordered. We also carry men’s left handed Deluxe

400: This shoe from Balance Plus comes standard with a 1/4″ split, hinged slider that is glued to the shoe. The dragging shoe is also toe coated. There is a leather upper.


Sizes: Men’s 7 to 15 with half sizes up to 12; Women 5 to 11 with half sizes up to 11. Cost: $220.95. The shoe can also be ordered with a 3/16 inch slider.



Glide: This 1/16 width full slider shoe is another entry level shoe. The upper is leather.


Sizes: Men 7-15, Women 5-10 (Half sizes available). Can be ordered for left-handers. Cost: $119.00.


Podium Gold: This all leather shoe is a normal fit with a 1/4 inch split hinged slider.




Sizes: Men 7-15, Women 5-10 (Half sizes available). Can be order for left-handers as well. Cost: $269.00.

Podium Silver: Comes in a normal fit but a wide fit version can be ordered. Another split hinged slider in 5/32 width. The women’s version features magenta accents.



Sizes: Men 7-15, Women 5-10 (Half sizes available). Can be ordered for left-handers. Cost: $189.00.

Podium Bronze: A more normal fit with a 3/32 split non-hinged slider.



Sizes: Men 7-15, Women 5-10 (Half sizes available). Can be ordered for left-handers. Cost:$149.00.


NEW: Men’s black 5/32″ flex perimeter slider. Sizes 7-14 and half sizes. Cost: $179.95.



NEW: Women’s dewberry 5/32″ flex perimeter slider. Sizes 7-9 and half sizes. Cost: $179.95.




 The Pink Fly: This leather upper, fleece lined shoe has a 3/32nd flexible, hinged slider. It has your choice of either pink or white laces. Colour: Black with pink accents. Sizes: Women only, 5 to 10 in half sizes as well. Right hand only. Cost: $154.95.


The Ole Shoe: This wide, leather upper, fleece lined shoe comes with a 3/32nd flexible, hinged slider. It has your choice of white or black laces. Colour: Black with white accents. Sizes: Men only, 7 to 14 and in half sizes up to 11.5. Right hand only. Cost: $154.95.

Ultima Curling

 Ultima athletic shoe: This shoe comes in a full 3/32 slider  (CS3105.3) or a split 5/32 slider (CS3100.5). These are available for both women and men. We carry only left hand but can order them for right handers. This is the shoe Kevin Martin wears.



Sizes: Men7-13, Women 6-10 (half sizes available). ON SALE AT $105.95 WERE $164.95 – 5/32, $144.95 – 3/32.


The Eagle: This entry level synthetic shoe fits wide feet well. It comes with a full 1/16 slider.


Sizes: Men 7-13, Women 6-10 (Half sizes available). We stock right and left-hander shoes. Cost: $84.95. This shoe can also be ordered for people who don’t need a slider. Cost: $74.95. plain shoes are sold out.

 Consignment Shoes

We sell used shoes. These are subject to availability. There are shoes for both right and left-handers in various slider configurations. If you want us to try and sell your old shoes you set the price in conjunction with us. The Hogline Curlers Proshop retains 50% of the price after taxes. Not all shoes will be accepted. For safety reasons we do not sell used grippers.

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