Delivery Devices


Delivery devices are of two types. There are devices for those who deliver in the traditional way, from the hack and those designed to be used by those who cannot get in the hack anymore.

Delivery devices used in a standing position are usually called “sticks” and come in many different styles. If you are considering these you might want to speak with people who have different styles to see which one might be best for you.

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Teachable Moment:   Some delivery device curlers like wearing a curling shoe even though they don’t need the slider on the one foot. We carry and can get  “plain” curling shoes. These are curling shoes with no sliders just grippers. There is also one brand from Acacia Canada called the Blitzen that is made for stick curlers.


Delivery Devices from the hack


The Crutch


  • Keeps shoulders level and square
  • Increases balance and stability during delivery
  • Enhances consistency of delivery
  • Comfortable foam hand grip
  • Comes with a replaceable pad for cleaning the rock
  • Cost: $169.99 with pad.

delivery stick;


The Asham Delivery Stick comes with a fiberglass handle, fits easily over the top of the rock handle and allows for easy release. matila in he hanle gholefr llow one to ush down to low a rook don. $44.oo.




The Arrow


Ensures stability and squares the shoulders during delivery. Collapsible 2-piece design for easy transportation. Colour: Black. Cost: $69.




The Pro-Slide is the ultimate in delivery aids.
The Pro-Slide is designed to offer a more stable delivery than any other delivery aid on the market. The slanted top offers different hand positions according to height and sliding preference. The wide teflon sliders will give you stability and control during your delivery, giving you the confidence to make every shot! The main body has a lifetime warranty. Designed and used by Reid Carruthers. Colours: Red,Blue and Grey. Cost: $169.


The Dynaglide: Olson’s NEW delivery aid, with spring-loaded stabilizer legs for easy storage! Cost: $89.95




 This was the first delivery device and invented here in Ottawa.

The FS1: This is a front end loaded device with sliding pads for a quiet slide. The padded handle comes in different colours. Cost: $84.95.


The FS3:  This model is heavier and longer than the FS1. The addition of the broom head allows the thrower the ability to clean the ice, eliminating carrying a broom to clean in front of the hack. The added weight also give enhanced stability. This is used by Colleen Jones and Dave Nedohin.  Cost: $114.95



Extender Kits:  Some people like the handle a bit higher. You should borrow a higher handle model before deciding.The kits allow you to adjust the height by 1 or 2 units. They are easy to assemble. Cost: $15.00.


We sell the replacement teflon knobs for the Stabilizer for $.50 each.


Delivery Devices from a standing start: “STICKS”


The Shooter


Can turn your broom into a delivery device by mounting it on the butt of the broom or by removing the pad. Cost: $42.95.


The Nee Saver2 eliminates the need of carrying both a brush and a delivery aid.

The Nee Saver2 attaches to any broom with a removable clamp and is transferable from brush to brush in seconds through the universal clamp it uses.

Accuracy of delivery is accomplished through the balanced center delivery design.

Broom not included. COST: $64.95


The ExtendeR Advantage
This ultra lightweight, non-telescoping stick is manufactured from anodized Aluminum which increases both corrosion and wear resistance.  It has a standard playing length of 4.3’ and weighs an amazing 236g  or just ½ pound!
Available in Blue and Cherry Red. Cost: $95.
The ExtendeR Combo
The best of both worlds!
Now you have the ability to make great shots & sweep with the same stick. The ExtendeR Scope, Special Edition Scope, & ExtendeR Advantage can be crafted into this style of club.  All the inherent advantages of the stick & the ExtendeR Head with the addition of a Performance Brush. Cost: $130.


The Extender Cup: This is the replacement part for the Extender that holds the rock handle. Cost: $35.00


The Extender


The best selling “original” length ExtendeR Scope is crafted from lightweight aluminum.   This telescopic pole/stick extends from 2.5’ to 4’ and has a total playing weight under 400 grams or just under one (1) pound.  The improved design incorporates an improved dual-locking mechanism, similiar to the Special Edition.Cost: $75.



The Excaliber: This delivery stick provides a clean release and therefore accuracy with every throw. The Excaliber head slides easily over the top of the rock handle. The shaft is 1″ in diameter. Cost: $69.

We also sell the replacement head. It can fit on almost any 1″ diameter curling shaft. Cost: $39.00.


The Saber:

Unique 2-in-1 device

• Deliver and sweep with the same tool

• Tough nylon head

• 1” FG handle and proven synthetic pad

 Cost: $119.00.



The Sure-Shot Stick: This telescopic device weighs in at 1/2 pound and telescopes to 5 feet. The handle holder fits all rocks and encloses the rock handle with a pivoting head to get a better angle.Colour: Heads Pink, black and red. Cost: $89.00.


Sure Shot replacement head. Cost: $43.00.

sure shot head



This delivery stick is lightweight and telescopes. Cost: $54.95.






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