Tim Hortons Brier pays off for Ottawa Valley Curling Association


Alberta skip Kevin Koe gazes down the ice as Newfoundland and Labrador counterpart Brad Gushue calls a shot during the Brier final. (Ashley Fraser/Postmedia Network)


They did better than they thought.

At the Ottawa Valley Curling Association annual meeting Monday evening, the proposed budget had a $25,000 entry to hold the spot for proceeds to the OVCA from the Tim Hortons Brier. That was the minimum amount of money Curling Canada guaranteed to a Brier host.

Then, Elaine Brimicombe of the OVCA made her announcement. The OVCA share of the ticket sale revenue will be $219,000.  Add to this, the Ontario Curling Association’s portion at $100,000 and there is an infusion of over $400,000 to support curling in the province.

“Until we heard that number today we had a $25,000 placeholder for it in our budget and now we realize that it’s a little over eight times the amount that we had earmarked.” said OVCA president Bill Woods.

So what to do with the money? There are some limitations proscribed for the funds raised by the 50/50 draw as outlined by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.  They issued the license. The money has to be used for specific populations such as youth. In so keeping, the OVCA is establishing a grant system so curlers and curling clubs can access the funds.

The surprising ticket numbers reflect how hard Brimicombe’s committee worked. The OVCA is going to get input from its stakeholders in how to distribute this money and will seek input from clubs, for instance. One thing the OVCA is not going to do is invest the windfall into the current capital fund they have.

“So this is a good problem to have because we know so many people need so much out of this,” Woods said. “After all, it is their money.”

At this same meeting, one of the reasons to support clubs financially was to hear the winners of the annual Ken Thain awards. The recipients were: Marc Bourguignon (RCMP club) for his work with the Ottawa Youth Curling League; Evans Harrison (Deep River) for more than 60 years of volunteering and composing funny limericks; Ken Waterman (Navy) for helping the club extricate themselves from rough financial waters; Kelly McNaull (Hunt) for starting the Curl for a Cause bonspiel and Tersh Doe (Manotick) for doing almost all volunteer tasks at that club over a number of years.

BRUSH OFF: The approved mustard coloured pads are causing some confusion as to when one has to use them. The OCA has joined the WCF and Curling Canada in determining when these pads have to be used, so check out their web page.  Not every one of their events requires use of the pad. The OVCA has not yet decided what they will do with their events.

Interestingly if a player breaks their broom in anger at an OCA event, they have to play the remainder of the game without a broom.

The Sun asked all OVCA clubs what each plans to do at their clubs about the yellow peril. So far clubs that responded have said at their members can use anything they want.

WINNER’S CIRCLE: Montreal’s Michael Fournier, with Felix Asselin, William Dion and Miguel Bernard, won the Moosehead Fall Open at RCMP. They defeated Greg Balsdon from Kingston 7-6.

END NOTES: The Navy is hosting their first Tour event this weekend. The event begins Thursday with the finals on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. The winner earns $1,500…The U21 Icebreaker plays out October Saturday and Sunday at the Rideau, Ottawa and Carleton Heights.


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