The Hogline Pro Shop has a wide range of merchandise – over 240 products actually –  that can make the game you love so much better.
Our suppliers are: Asham, Balance PlusGoldlineLowry, Olson, Performance, The Stabilizer, TournamentHardlineAcacia and many more. If we don’t have it WE CAN GET IT.

RETURN POLICY:We will accept returns on any unused item for an exchange because of fit. Defective merchandise will be returned to the manufacturer at your expense and the manufacturer will decide on action.

Proof of purchase must accompany all exchanges.

SHOES: We ask that you wear the shoes you purchased at home WITH THE GRIPPER on to make sure they fit. If you feel they don’t fit return them IN THE BOX for an exchange of size. We do not accept shoes that have been worn on the ice.

The manufacturers of curling equipment including shoes decide on repair or replacement of product, not Hogline. Generally shoes have a 1 year guarantee. 

As per Ontario law there is no best before date for purchased gift cards. They are always valid. As per Ontario law gift cards donated by Hogline as prizes have a year long life from date of winning the card.

Please note: We will no longer redeem gift certificates issued prior to August 30, 2009. Those certificates were issued by the previous owners. While we cheerfully redeemed many of them the time has come to stop.


WHEN SHOULD YOU SHOP? During September and October the store is crazy busy on both Saturdays and Sundays…it is almost take a number (but we have no specials on cold cuts). It is best to shop weekdays if you can, Wednesday orThursday nights or come later in the afternoons on weekends after 4.

If you can only come on weekends you will rub shoulders (literally) with plenty of great curlers!




Delivery Devices
Pants  Gloves and Mitts Apparel
Novelty Items Accessories


 We sell products at the same price that the manufacturers do but we pay the shipping (except on individual single orders) for in store purchases..




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Joe Pavia – Owner/Operator

The Hogline Curlers Proshop is owned and operated by an experienced curler - Joe Pavia.

While Joe knows many renowned curlers, he’s most at home serving club curlers, rookies, children, youth and senior curlers who might not want to shop but just want to chat about the game we all love.

Joe has been involved with the curling world for decades as a player, organizer and curling commentator. He’s the weekly curling columnist for the Ottawa Sun where his Wednesday column is eagerly anticipated and is indeed available across the country. 

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