NEW: The flip end disc fits any broom-end. You never have to look for a coin again to determine hammer. It’s always on your end.
Fits all standard brooms.
Easily attaches to your broom handle.
Easily retrieved with magnetic base end.
Package contains one token coin, one 1-1/8″ broom attachment, one 1″ broom adapter. Cost: $8.95.




This tabletop curling game rocks! Winner of Sweden’s 2012 Board Game of the Year. Now you can bring the classic game of curling with you anywhere with this portable fun tabletop version.

Created in partnership with the Canadian Curling Association, this rink is over 1 metre long of fun.

Each stone is designed and balanced using a ball bearing system emulating the slide of a real stone.

Fun for the whole family, from beginners learning the game to pros using it as a coaching aid.

For 2 – 8 players.

COST: $21.95



The Curling Card Game: Simulate a curling game by not leaving your table! This packaged card game lets you choose cards for every shot and event in curling. Good for 2 to 8 players. Cost: $24,95.



Baby Shoes: These are size 1 shoes that mimic the adult Asham rotator shoes. Cost: $39.99 per pair.

Granite Curling Rock: This genuine granite rock is 31/2 inches in diameter. Cost: $65.00.




101 Curling Excuses:Written and drawn by curling cartoonist Frank McCourt this book  gives you an edge when you lose. Cost: $9.00.


NEW This is no ordinary rock, it’s a plush toy made with the cozy fleece and HAND MADE!
The lower portion of the rock is always granite gray and generously stuffed with polyester flufF.  The Soft Rock Curling plush toy is similar in size to a real curling stone, approximately 10 inches across and 8 inches tall with the handle. Great as a plush toy or a decorative pillow. Cost: $39.99.


NEW  Curling Christmas Tree Ornaments. Bring the curling spirit into your home with this hand made ornament set. You get two felt ornaments, one red and one bright green, with a hand painted curling stone on the front of each. The back of the ornament is a solid color. Measures about 4″ across. Makes a great gift or swap item at your curling club! Cost: $11.99.


Curling Rock Hat

The one and only fleece hat with the unmistakable handle of a curling rock.
Whether you are sweeping or spectating, our hat will keep you warm and make you the envy of your sheet. All Soft Rock Curling hats have a granite gray bottom and your choice of colored handle. Made from soft anti-pill fleece, the hat can stretch for a comfortable fit.

Colours: Red, Pink. Blue. Cost: $30.


Baby Curling Hat

Our curling rock hat scaled down for your littlest fan!
Soft fleece will keep your little one warm and cozy. Hat is sized roughly for a 1-year-old, with a 18″ circumference. The fleece band has a good amount of stretch to accommodate toddlers. Bottom is granite grey with your choice of handle color.

Colours: Red, Pink. Cost:$20.



The 2010 – 2012 Rule of Curling: This booklet from the CCA is available in English and French versions. Cost: $8.95.



 Ice Buckets  

These plastic rocks are ice buckets that make a great gift and hold 6 cans of your favourite beverage. They can also be used as decorative centre pieces. Color: Red (can order yellow). Cost: $33.99.



3D Curling Rock Puzzles:  Hand crafted out of pine these rock shaped puzzles are hard to put together. Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Cost: $17.95.





Rubber Rock Key Chain

Measurement: 2 ¼” diameter. Cost: $3.00.


goldline_curling_giftware_-_key_chain_1 good we hope


Convenience Items:

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Joe Pavia – Owner/Operator

The Hogline Curlers Proshop is owned and operated by an experienced curler - Joe Pavia.

While Joe knows many renowned curlers, he’s most at home serving club curlers, rookies, children, youth and senior curlers who might not want to shop but just want to chat about the game we all love.

Joe has been involved with the curling world for decades as a player, organizer and curling commentator. He’s the weekly curling columnist for the Ottawa Sun where his Wednesday column is eagerly anticipated and is indeed available across the country.