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Gloves and mitts come in a variety of styles and colours.

Gloves can have a great deal of warmth but some styles are also used for grip more so than warmth. If you are going for a good gripping glove grab a broom and try the grip on the shaft. Some gloves also breath which is good for heavy sweeping front-enders.

Skips may also want a glove that stands out more so as to present a better target as well as making for a better seen vehicle for hand gestures to throwers. Most gloves have a velcro closure system (ah yes, the sound of velcro at the end of the game signifying the shaking of hands) but some do not and are better for people who want a less constrictive closure. Gloves are made of leather or synthetic material.

Mitts are usually leather with lots of fleece inside. Some also breathe. Others have a smaller hand box which keeps fingers closer together for more warmth. If you use a stop watch  try working one when you try on the mitts.

Teachable moment: Let your gloves or mitts air out between games

See at end of page the Tournament gloves on sale and ideal for kids in size women’s small and men’s small.


NEW: The ProGrip lined glove is designed with superior comfort and durability. Keep your hands warm without compromising on performance or grip. The ProGrip palm offers maximum grip.  Sizes: Men- S to XXL; Women – S to L. Cost: 42.99. ON SALE: $15





Endurance  unisex Glove

The palms are made with cowhide leather, which is more durable than other materials and give you a superior anti-slip grip. Hardline™ Curling’s Endurance curling gloves also have the added feature of a padded palm and thumb to index finger for the ultimate blister-free comfort when sweeping. Unisex sizing. Cost: $32.00.

Endurance all leather  unisex Mitts


Endurance all leather mitts with Thinsulate® are extremely warm and durable. Colour: Black. Cost: $36.00




This form-fitting leather UNISEX curling glove is designed for good grip, softness, comfort, greater flex and feel in play. COST: $42.99.


The Classic glove: They have mess vented sides with leather palm and light padding. They also boast a reinforced thumb.sizes – S, M, L, XL. Women sizes – S, M, L Cost: $38.99. DISCONTINUED PRODUCT BY SUPPLIER SO LIMITED SIZES.


Teachable moment. This white palmed glove is ideal for the skip that wears black and whose teammates have difficulty distinguishing a black palmed glove from the black clothing.


The unisex Asham Lambskin leather mitten with fleece lining.

Sizes: XS – XL. Cost: $42.99


The Pink Lambskin Mitt: This lambskin mitt is soft. Sizes: XS to M. Colour: Pink. Cost: $42.99.


 The Canada unisex Mitt:  This is a lambskin leather mitt. Colour: Black. Size: XS to L. Cost: $ 34.99. ONLY XL LEFT.



Unlined Leather Gloves
Black Spandura back with knuckle band
Adjustable strap

men’s and women’s

Cost; $34.95
Ventilation holes in palmlwhite (1)

A high performance line of gloves that provide superior grip. Available in two different lining options for varying degrees of warmth. Pictured below is the partially lined glove.

Clarino™ material in the palms wicks moisture away from the palm and allows for quick drying.

Uses a Velcro enclosure. Sizes: Men – S, M, L, XL, Women – S, M,L, Cost: $38.95.


Clarino™ material in the palms wicks moisture away from the palm and allows for quick drying. Pictured below is the fully lined glove.

Uses a Velcro enclosure. Sizes: Men – S, M, L, XL, Women – S, M,L, Cost: $39.95.




Genuine Leather Gloves
Vent Holes in palm
Spandura back for comfort
Lycra between fingers for easy fit Full Grain Leather Mitts. Men’s only. Cost:$34.95.

Leather  unisex Mitts

Vent holes in palm
Velcro wrist strap and Velcro closer. It also comes up the wrist less. Black only. This is a UNISEX mitt. Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Cost: $39.95.





The Platinum UNISEX glove:

The right blend of comfort, warmth and styling

• Silicon treatment on the palm for greater grip

• Insulated throughout

Black only. Unisex sizing: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Cost: $36.00.


 Mitt: This unisex mitt has a full grain leather exterior and a fleece lined lining. Colour: Black. Sizes: XS – L. Cost: $ 38.00.






Olson unisex ultrafit glove features full soft grain leather and Velcro wrist straps. COST; $34.95.

NEW LADIES Elektra Gloves: Charcoal leather (lined) w/ pink neoprene & charcoal mesh accents. Sizes: Ladies S – XL. Cost: $42.95.

Olson glove

 Ladies ICE Gloves: These are designed to fit a woman’s hand.

Featuring padded white leather palms and nylon & neoprene backing for the ultimate in breathability, comfort and protection. Sizes: S, M, L , XL.  Glove discontinued so limited sizes available. Available in Bali Blue and Dewberry. Cost: $36.95.

Teachable moment. This white palmed glove is ideal for the skip that wears black and whose teammates have difficulty distinguishing a black palmed glove from the black clothing.

olson blue curling-gloves__78815.1300986122.1280.1280Ice_glove_dewberry__69439.1337889324.1280.1280


 Leather and sheepskin lined mitts. These comfy, cozy mitts are the only ones that fit higher up on the wrists. Unisex sizing XXS to XL. Colour: Black. Cost: $44.95.



The Vice Grip leather glove: This is engineered silicon grip points on the palm , digitized leather back with Lycra flex points, finger slashes for flexibility and a wrist tab closure.Glove discontinued so limited sizes available. Women’s L only; Men’s S only. Colour: tan or black. Cost: $34.95.  SMALL ONLY AND ON SALE FOR $10. No returns. Sold out. this glove is not made anymore.


Softy Leather Curling Glove

Our Premier Curling Glove!

  • ‘Softy’ leather curling gloves
  • Incredible comfort and fit
  • Very soft feel
  • ‘Top Dye’ dyeing formula eliminates colour running
  • Tab closure
  • Lycra back
  • Glove discontinued so limited sizes available. 
  • Women’s sizes S, M, L 
  • Men’s sizes S only

Cost: Regular: $32.95 ON SALE FOR $10. No returns.





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