Fundraising a reality

By Joe Pavia


It will be the first television show about curling.

The preeminent curling web site, Curling Zone, has launched at Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce a new documentary series called Far From Home – a show about curling. Gerry Geurts, the founder and driving force behind Curling Zone, will produce the series while Jesse Wachter will direct.

The show will follow the World Curling Tour exploring the stars, fans, and event people – many aspects of the game. According to the website “We want you to see what we see – this isn’t a show about us – it’s about the players, fans, event management and even mascots that we meet all over the world. Our stories will follow the daily routines of everyone from the game’s top players to the guy who shows up before everyone else to prepare the ice in the morning. This is a game of chess on ice with millions of dollars on the line and played by champions from all walks of life. Forget what you think you know about curling and where it’s played; we intend to show you where things get interesting on and off the ice from a uniquely Canadian point of view.”

Curling Zone had already produced a number of the Far From Home episodes but only for Internet viewing. He says he has some interest from a number of more mainstream broadcasters.

The site features their pilot episode Far From Home Karuizawa, Japan. The episode is well produced and interesting, telling the story of where Olympic curling began. Other planned episodes are Korea and the winter games, a summer bonspiel in curling crazy California, of course Scotland and finally the Brier.

What’s this entire series going to cost? According to the site “To do this right we need $65,000 CAD (approximately $48,000 USD) to produce 4 additional half hour episodes that document our stops on the 2016/2017 curling season.”

The two have added incentives to help attract backers to the fold. There are many levels offered from $2 to $8,000 with various gifts available from clothing to Executive Producer credit. They have a couple of $1,000 or more backers and plenty of backers for lesser amounts like $25. They even have an incentive where they pay your entry to the California spiel as front end. At this writing they stand at 60 backers at $8,954 and forty-seven days left in the campaign.

Wachter is the man behind the segments seen on Sportsnet for the Slams such as “Thomas Arbuckle”, “Pete on the Street” and “The Sheet Show” with Ben Herbert.

The way television ratings soar for curling events this may just prove to be a winner for the sport.

OCA RESULTS: In the Broker Link Mixed regions 1A – Dave Collyer, B – Don Bowser. In senior mixed regions 1A – Bill Adams, B – Paul Madden.

WINNERS CIRCLE: The team Joey Taylor, Mathieu Gravel, Darren Sutherland and Darren McEwen won The Over The Rainbow spiel on Sunday. In North Bay the Ottawa squad of the Swiffers captured the Caldwell Banker Open. They were Chris Rediger, Alex Birtwistle, Natalie Rediger, Jack Glover and Marion Unrau.




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