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ROOKIE CURLERS - You get 10% off all your first season curling equipment unless the item you select is already on sale. Not only that but you don’t have to buy all your items at the same time. For instance purchase shoes in the fall and get 10% off. Tell us you are a rookie in the new year because you now want a broom and you get 10% off that item as well.

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Travel in style with the new LiteSpeed Travel Bag. A free-standing padded bag with wheels. Perfect for making sure that your equipment is protected so that it arrives intact. COLOUR: Black only. Cost: $149.95Features:Large main compartment. limited time 50% off hids bag!until FAeb. 18 only at 10 a.m.SOLD OUT FOR THE SEASON. 
Exterior compression straps
Large wheels
Extra large opening
Front pocket bag
Internal elastic straps keep brush handles from shifting during transport
Reinforced base with protective rails
Fully padded main compartment Approx dimensions: 56″ height, 11.5″ width, 10.5″ depth
weight: 9.5 lbs.

Small broom bag


Designed for the individual curler.
Size: 54″ x 12″ 7″
Dual Strap

Colour; black, cost; $59,95.


RED Duffle Bag:

  • Bag fabric is made of sturdy denier nylon
  • Features large main compartment and exterior pockets for maximum packing capacity and versatility
  • All strapping is made of premium quality material
  • Designed for comfort and durability

Dimensions: 26.5″ x 11″ x 13″

Cost: $59.99. 





Black duffle bag.

black duffle bags2-lrg-15-r-1000x1000_r[400x325]

  • Bag fabric is made of sturdy denier nylon
  • Features main compartment and exterior pockets for maximum packing capacity

Dimensions: 21″ x 11″ x 11.5″

Cost: $53.99

Team Bag:

  • Bag fabric is made of sturdy 600 x 600 denier nylon
  • Durable zipper and handles
  • Holds 1-8 brooms plus accessories

Dimensions: 57″ x 16.5″ x 13″

Colour: Black. Cost: $75.99.


 Individual Broom Bag:


  • Bag fabric is made of sturdy 600 x 600 denier nylon
  • Durable zipper and handles
  • Holds 1-4 brooms plus accessories

Dimensions: 57″ x 16″ x 7.5″

Cost: $59.99


Personal bag with brush holder:  The perfect curling bag. Bag sleeve fastens brush to the side of the bag. Hangs in locker with its own locker hook. Multiple pouches and zippered compartments. Colour: Gray. Cost:$49.00.  


Personal Broom Bag:The personal brush bag easily holds four brushes, plus accessories. Colour: Silver.  Cost: $59.




Olson’s Solid Broom Bag features bright solid colour and two-hand held straps.

Three colour choices including red, orange, and lime.

Fits 4 to 5 brooms. Cost: $44.95




Stick Broom Bag:   Holds 4 brooms, has an exterior pocket, removable strap and reinforced handles. Cost: $69.95.



Mini Broom Bag: Olson’s Mini Broom Bag is perfect for the individual curler who wants to protect their curling broom when not in use.  Constructed out of high quality nylon Cordura, the Olson Mini is your light, basic single broom bag. It features reinforced gripped handles .Size:  57″ x 3″ x 11″ (at the top end). Cost: $51.95. 



Blister Blocks


Applies to the skin anywhere like deodorant. Helps stop blisters. Cost: $8.99/jar. ON SALE $2/ JAR

Bolts and Knobs

Brush Head Bolts


(set of 2) Available in Black (shown), Blue, Red, White. Cost: $3.95 a pair.


Transformer knobs.


Transformer Knobs (set of 2) for attaching any Transformer brush head to a handle with connector. Cost: $5.95 a pair.

Broom Brushes

These tiny brushes slip into your pocket so you can clean your brooms on the fly and not have to rely on big club provided brushes that are usually dirty. Cost: $3.50.

Teachable moment - keep these in your curling pants pocket and clean over a refuse container.

Broom End Caps


We carry the caps that go on the end of the handle – 1″ and 1/8″. Colour: Black. Cost: $2.


Broom Grips


These rubberized grips fit any broom handle. Colour: Black. Cost: $7.95 Olson.


Broom handle sliders



The Cobra Slider

The Cobra Slider is for curlers who slide with their non-throwing hand very close to the ice. The Cobra is either attached with elastic to the brush handle or can be held on it’s own.

The stainless steel Cobra must be kept on the ice during play to prevent it from heating up and melting the ice when used. COST $109.99


The Edge: This teflon device attaches to a broom handle with Velcro so can be easily removed between shots. This is ideal for curlers who rest their brooms on the ice during delivery. Cost: $29.99.

Brush Covers


Brush head cover: Stretchable fabric. Colours: Black, white. Cost: $9.00.

goldline_brush_head_cover 2


This nylon fabric zippers around the broom pad. Colour: Black. Cost: $11.00.


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Delivery Device Adapter


The shooter can turn your broom into a delivery device. Post goes into an existing broom handle and can be screwed in. Cost: $42.95.

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Grippers (Anti-Sliders)

These are necessary to protect your slider. Grippers are tiny bits of rubber glued together and will deteriorate over time. One should change them before every season or when black material begins to shed.

 Teachable moment – When there are flat spots the gripper isn’t safe. Your gripper will also last longer if it stays cold. So when you are curling if you remove your gripper to deliver place the gripper on the ice by the rocks you are throwing. Also if you sit down keep your gripper foot on the ice.

When it comes time to get a new gripper, the Hogline Curlers Proshop is the only place in Canada that recycles them. In conjunction with Frisby Tire your old gripper becomes a new tire!


Acacia grippers – their full slip on gripper makes its debut this season.


Slip-On Gripper – Fits Acacia Curling Shoes

Size: 4 – 13, UNISEX.




 ACACIA Gripper Pods: Cost:$24.99

Shoe size: 5 & 6 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AS
Shoe size: 7 & 8 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AM
Shoe size: 9 & 10 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AL
Shoe size: 11 & 12 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AXL
Shoe size: 13 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AXXL


Full pull-on grippers – these come in left and right handed for the Asham rotator (disk) shoes. Colour: Black. Sizes: XS to XL. Cost: $21.99. 

a_rot_gripAsham disk shoe grippers: The round grippers attach to Asham’s rotator shoes via a Velcro system. Men use large back and medium front. Women use medium back and small front. . Sizes: S, M L. Colour: White. Cost:$15.99.





Teachable moment: Velcro adhered grippers can be ripped off by shoe cleaning machines so be careful how you place your foot on the roller.



Full slip on grippers that come over the toe. Sizes: XS to XXL. Left hand grippers available.Colours: Black and pink. Cost: $16

Fit for 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series
Fit for 500 Series
Fit for Delux


Balance Plus gripper pods for the 500 shoe. The pods attach to the shoe via a velcro system. Colour: Black. Sizes: S to XL: Small = Women’s 6-8. Medium = Women’s 8.5-10, Men’s 7-8.5. Large = Women’s 11, Men’s 9-10.5. Extra Large = Men’s 11-13. Cost: $34.95.




We carry a few wide grippers for the Goldline Quantum shoe. Cost:$17.00.

XS: Ladies 4-6

Small: Ladies 6.5 – 8.5

Medium: Ladies 8 – 10 Men’s 7 – 8.5

Large: Men’s 9- 10.5

X-Large: 11 – 13

XX-Large: 14, 15

Gripper discs for the Quantum shoe. The shoes come with a complete set of seven discs.  The discs are moulded plastic base over moulded with rubber for optimal traction. They fit either right or left foot. A replacement set is $30. 

gripper discs photo (18)


Hexa Grippers: Olson’s new Hexa Gripper features a revolutionary design that helps to increase air transfer, thereby reducing ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Also, it is made out of a high quality Thermal Rubber. Colours: Aqua, Berry Pink, Red and Black. sizes: XS to XXL except for berry pink – XS to M. Cost: $21.95.




These fit many different shoes and either foot. Sizes: XS – XXL. Colours: Black. Cost $19.95



 This section H

 Head Protectors



ice halo CharcoalFleece

The Ice Halo wraps snugly and comfortably around your head and secures at the side with adjustable hook and loop closures to help provide secure protection if you fall and hit your head.

Other manufacturers offer similar products at lower prices than ours, but they are also lower quality.  All our Ice Halo Products are tested in one of the top impact testing facilities in the world, using the Hockey Helmet Standard (CSA Z262.1-09 (April 2009) Annex A, Impact Drop Testing). Our products pass the standard requirements for front, side and back impact. When it comes to comparison –  Ice Halo products out rank the lesser valued ones on the market every time!

All Fleece Ice Halos can be machine washed with your regular laundry and dried on low in the dryer.

1. First time wearing:
Open the Ice Halo
-Hold the Velcro at the SIDE of your Head. (Either side is fine.)

2. Wrap the Ice Halo around your head and attach the Velcro together just above the tip of your ear. The Halo should be snug – not too tight, but certainly not loose!

Once you’ve adjusted the Ice Halo to fit comfortably snug, you can simply take it on and off without re-opening and closing the Velcro. If the Ice Halo feels to tight or too loose, simply follow the instruction above to re-adjust the size.  REMEMBER to make sure the widest part of the Ice Halo is at the middle of the back of your head!

It’s Not a Hat! It’s a HALO!


COST: $49.95





  • Garnet
  • Garnet - Nutcase Helmets - 5
  • Garnet - Nutcase Helmets - 2
  • Garnet - Nutcase Helmets - 4



From the bronze age all the way to today!  Garnet.

  • Fidlock® magnetic buckleDual-position spin dial fit system
  • Durable snap-in visor
  • Lightweight inmold PC shell with protective EPS foam
  • 3M™ reflective straps
  • Three sets of moisture-wicking pads for customized fit
  • EN 1078:2012+A1 certified for cycling, scooting, skateboarding and roller skating

Please be sure to measure your head before ordering.



NEW Curling Helmet

Falls can happen to curlers of all ages and skill levels. Protect yourself with this comfortable fitting light curling helmet.

  • Great for curlers of all ages.
  • Provides protection to front, back and sides of head.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Adjustable chin strap.

Black only. S, M,L. Cost: $69.99 SUPPLIER IS SOLD OUT OF LARGE SIZE.


 Protective Headgear for Curlers Proves Popular

By Doug Flowers, President

Talk to a manager or anyone who has spent time around a curling club and they will have a story, or more likely stories, about falls on the ice. Without fail falls onto the back of the head are seen to be the most serious. Though such incidents happen in every club, there is no record maintained and the issue of head injuries in curling is not captured on any sports injury radar.

Five years ago Goldline introduced a “Sport Band” which provided the protection required in the event of a fall onto the back of the head, however it was “dorky” looking and not adopted by the average curler. Doug Flowers, the project manager at Goldline, states, “While we recognized the need for protective headwear for curlers, we also recognized that design was a key to acceptance. If a critical mass of curlers was going to wear it, it had to be cosmetically attractive.”

The final product, four years in development, incorporates a protective shield into a conventionally styled hat. The protective component  was designed and tested with the input of Biokinetics, an Ottawa based company world renowned for the testing of protective products that protect the head The hat itself is available in five styles – baseball, visor, headband, toque and poor boy – and a variety of colours and sizes. Unless you look closely, one would not know this conventional, stylish hat incorporates a protective element.



Baseball and visor styles. S/M – 56 CM; M/L – 59 CM; L/XL – 61.5 cm. HEADBAND style. S/M – 56 CM; L/XL- 61.5 CM.

Caps – Colour: Black with charcoal. Size: S to XL. Cost: $59.00. Visor – Colour: White w/charcoal. Size: S & M. Cost: $59.00. Headband: Colour: Hot pink. Size: S – XL. Cost: $59.00.



Teachable moment: Be careful walking backwards around the rocks…this is when individuals fall over them.


Heads: The synthetic part at the bottom of the brush – see Pads below.


These are the plastic components on a broom that hold the pad.



The NEW lightweight V2 head is made of high impact ABS for maximum strength to weight characteristics. The V2 Head features dual built in sliding bars and can fit any standard pad on the market. Will attach to most brooms. Colours: White and black. Cost: $29.99.


Head bcpbk (1)

Colours: Various. Cost:$39.95.

Lite Speed Head


Fits Lite Speed brooms only. Colour: as pictured. Cost: $49.95.

Lite Speed XL


LiteSpeed XL is designed for curlers with extra energy who want to ensure they are always sweeping the entire path. It is longer than the original Lite Speed. The XL version is only 298 grams for a complete broom. Attaches to LiteSpeed handles only. $79.95.


Oval Brush Head no longer made.


Fits Goldline brooms. Two thicknesses: 1 inch and 1&1/8 inch. Colour: Black. Cost:$52.


The Air Head with Airway package is designed as an upgrade for anyone who wants to take advantage of this innovative new curling head. The Airhead 2.0 is super light and features a spring lock system that enables quick head replacement. You can easily swap one onto your existing 1″ or 1 1/8″ handle.

The snap fit pad attachment on the Airhead 2.0 facilitates quick and easy pad replacement, and swapping your traditional oval head for an Air Head can reduce combined weight of head and pad by roughly 40%.

COST; $59.00




Cost for head only as above. Post comes in white or black. Cost: $80.


NEW The Spider



The Spider allows sweepers to maximize their sweeping by applying pressure to a maximum area of your pad. Fits most handles from Performance and other suppliers. Colours: Black, white, clear. Cost: $44.95. WCF approved.


Regular plastic head by Performance


Fits Signature and fiber glass brooms. Colours: Various. Cost: $29.00.

Heel Pads

If the back of your foot lifts out of your shoe this will cause the foot to stay put. Cost: $3.95/pair.


 This section K


There are 5 types of kits: gripper, riser, slider, toe dip and toe cap kits.

Gripper kits:



The gripper kit comes with a gripper slab and glue. One cuts the gripper to fit the shoe. Or you purchase the gripper kits from us then take to the shoemaker at Billings Bridge Plaza, Moneysworth and Best where they will attach it for a fee. Cost of kit itself: $29.99.

TP KITS. These are made for Olson shoes and come in small and large versions. Includes adhesive. Cost: $21.95.


Riser kit:This kit allows you to add up to 2 and a half inches to the height of your Stabilizer. It can be used on either model of the Stabilizer. Perfect for taller curlers or curlers with limited flexibility. Cost: $15.



Slider kit: These come with the slider and glue. Or you purchase the slider kits from us then take to the shoemaker at Billings Bridge Plaza, Moneysworth and Best,where they will attach it for a fee. The sliders come in various thicknesses.

Olson Slider Kits

1/32″- $23.95

1/16″ – $38.95

1/8″ – $64.95

1/4″- $99.95

Asham Slider Kits

1/16″ – $29.99

3/32″ – 38.99

Toe dip kits: The toe coat kit includes a two part epoxy and the components required to apply it to the toe of a shoe. The purpose of a toe coat is twofold: protect the toe of the dragging foot from abrasion from the pebble; and, provide a surface on the dragging toe that is faster than the shoe itself. The application will outlast the shoe. The kit includes instructions. It is actually quite simple to use. We suggest trying it on an old shoe first. Each kit will do approximately six shoes. Cost: $45. SOLD OUT



Toe cap kits: Adds extra life to your new or used curling shoes and reduces friction on the ice from your sliding shoe. The kit comes with bilingual instructions, sand paper and  glue. Cost: $15



Knee Pads 

Some people slap their knees on the ice so this eases the pain. Can be worn inside or outside the pant leg and attached with an elastic fabric on the back of the hard surface. Colour: Black. Cost: $24.95.



The Mega Knee Pad:


The Mega Knee Pad is locally made. For someone who lands hard on their knee, this knee pad slips over the pant leg and is attached with straps. One size fits all. There is also a teflon rubbing surface. Colour: Black. Cost: $42. THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER.

Odour Spray


This spray eliminates odour in curling shoes especially for youth and teens. Cost: $8.95. ON SALE $2 EACH.


This section P

Pant Saver


Worn on the leg that is in the hack, the Pant Saver, which is worn over your curling pants, will protect your curling pants from the abrasion of the ice. The Pant Saver has elastic straps that fasten with Velcro. Colour: Black. Cost: $12.95.



Pads are the things that attached to the end of your broom – the things that actually touch the ice when you sweep. The things at the end of your broom can be synthetic, hair or both at the same time. In any case they can be changed so you don’t have to buy a new broom. There are many kinds.

 Teachable moment: When choosing a synthetic pad back enders might want to choose a bright colour to provide a better target. Front enders might want to choose a darker colour like black.



With the so-called “Broomgate” affair now settled, the World Curling Federation has ruled that elite curlers ONLY who compete in their events must use a pad made with a material the WCF has sourced from one manufacturer. Players can use this material only. Curling Canada and the Grand Slam will most likely adopt this ruling as well.

What does this mean to us mere mortal curlers? At the club and recreational levels curlers can use any pad they choose. The new material the WCF is adopting actually is a material that won’t last very long so to add longevity to your pad life other pads may be better for us mere mortals.

Availability: Because the WCF announcement means a single source material, not all pads mentioned below may be available depending on when the single source starts producing material. As such not all the pads listed below may be available at the beginning of the season.



OV2 Replacement Pad

ov2-3_r[ pasd400x325]

The OV2 pad is designed to be water resistant and provide greater sweeping efficiency with less energy through reduced resistance while polishing the pebble. cost; $26.99.

Fits Asham V2 or Performance style brooms.



Fits all traditional Oval curling broom heads

WCF Approved for all WCF events

Marked with WCF approval code. Cost: $29.99


Asham horsehair heads (1)



  •  pure horse hair, trimmed in a wedge cut, hair length in the centre is 1.75″
  •  block length 7.5″ , width 2.5″
  •  fits the Asham adjustable attachment or the transformer connector.
  •  each head comes with two new knobs.
  • Cost: $49.99

Prostar II Refill

Cost: $36.99



NEW e Lite for LiteSpeed faceplate



for use with LiteSpeed brushes

 e Lite BalancePlus faceplate and  e Lite XL


both are $29.95

for BalancePlus and similar brushes



Available in orange, black, blue, red and yellow colours. Cost: $29.95.



For use on the LiteSpeed brooms only. Colour: Yellow. Cost: $29.95




For use on the LiteSpeed brooms only. Colour: Yellow. Cost: $29.95



WCF Approved Air Pro Curling Pad


  • The Air Pro Curling Pad from Goldline conforms with WCF Specifications.
  • WCF Approved Design. Certified for use in WCF Championships and Events, and any leagues/events that require WCF Certified pads.
  • Snap fit provides quick & easy pad replacement
  • Compatible with Air Head 2.0 snap-fit models.
  • Colour mustard only.  Cost; $26.00



  • Universal oval design fits all traditional oval curling brush heads.
  • Certified to meet WCF specification and approved for use in WCF Championships and Events.
  • Imprinted with WCF Approval Code.
  • Cost: $30.


Air Elite Pad


  • Air Elite pads have a velcro backing that is compatible with the original Air Head.
  • The Air Elite Pad is designed as a fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams. One seventh of the weight of conventional pads.
  • Pad replacement simply involves pulling up on the tab to remove the old pad, then press another into place. It’s that easy.
  • If you have an Air Head 2.0 your pad will attach with a snap-fit method instead of velcro. Compatible pads for the Air Head 2.0 are Airway pads and Air Pro pads.
  • Cost: $22.00. colours as above.


The Norway pad remains the same as in the past. Colours: Neon orange, lime, red. blue. Cost: $30


 Goldline discontinued  pads: We have Tech II – $21.95 

 Brownie & Stag: We carry these. Cost: $22.95.


 Discontinued Goldline pads: We have Tech II – $21.95 


Hammer pads: They come in various colours. Cost: $41.95.



NEW Ice Pad Maxim covers WCF approved.


These are Hardline’s new covers made with the WCF sanctioned material. Cost: $24.


Ice Pad Pro replacement covers. Cost: $17.

pro pads_icepad-replacement



OLSON is not making  any pads for elite players.

NEW GR8 pads. Deemed legal for club play. Colours: Black, white, yellow, orange, blue. Cost: $28.95.



Reactor 2 pads. Various colours. Cost: $21.95.

Reactor 2 pads465-R2__27856.1300988457.120.120


PA1 WCF approved pad fits most brooms.


Cost: $29.95.


pa1 brosseJaune

These original pads, the PA1, come in many colours. Cost; $18.95. SOLD OUT



Icebreaker replacement pads

t 500 pad img_635919917154876250

Synthetic refill for Icebreaker and Club brooms. Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Orange. Cost: $21.95.

This section S



The slider pods attach to the 2 models  of Acacia Hacker and Matrix shoes via Velcro. They come in different thicknesses but once they are attached one never needs to take them off.


Style: 93-200 – 1/8” – MSRP: $18.99
Style: 93-300 – 5/32” – MSRP: $24.99
Style: 93-500 – 3/16” – MSRP: $32.99
Style: 93-600 – 1/4”   – MSRP: $38.99

Shoe size: 4 & 5 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AXS
Shoe size: 6 & 7 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AS
Shoe size: 8 & 8.5 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AM
Shoe size: 9 & 9.5 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AL
Shoe size: 10 & 11 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AXL
Shoe size: 12 & 13 – Slider/Gripper pod size: AXXL


Slider pods: These attach to Asham shoes with Velcro. Men use large and medium disks while women use small and medium disk. Once you put the disks on you never take them off. The disks are available in 4 different thicknesses as well as stainless steel and red brick. These sliders are for numerous models of Asham shoes.

TEACHABLE MOMENT:The Asham shoes the sliders attach to are called Rotators. The reason for this is that every month rotate both the slider disks and the gripper disks 90 degrees. This extends the life of the disks just as one rotates car tires to extend their life span.


1/16″ – $27.99 each

3/32″ – $39.99 each

5/32″ – $42.99 each

1/4″ – $45.99 each

1/4″ teflon ring – $47.99

Hard Ano disk – $69.99 each

Hard Ano ring disk – $72.99 each

Stainless steel disk – $89.99 each

Red brick disk – $39.99 each


These sliders attach to the shoe via Velcro and never have to come off. These pods are for the 500 model shoe.


1/16″ – $25 a pair

1/8″ – $45 a pair

3/16″ – $94.95 a pair

1/4″ –  $99.95 a pair




• Rated by speed on a scale of 1 to 12

(12 being very fast)

• Sold in sets of 7

• 4 different speed options are available:

1. Speed 3 – Polyethylene. COST: $25

2. Speed 7 – Teflon COST: $59

3. Speed 10 – Teflon COST: $79

4. Speed 12 – Stainless Steel COST: $99



These are used mainly for an individual who only occasionally curls.

slip on slider


  • Full sole elastic slip on slider
  • LLD 1/16″ white slider
  • Black elastic
  • Universal design – Fits both left & right foot

Available in XS, S, M, L. Cost: $24.95.

Half or Toe Slider



The half Thin Slider covers half the length of the shoe sole and fits either foot. This slider is good for beginner or novice curlers. Sizes: S, M, L. Cost: $19.95.



The Full Thin White slip-on slider fits the full length of the shoe and holds in place with the elastic strap and fits either foot. This slider is good for beginner or novice curlers. 1/16″ Asham White has a speed rating of 5 on a scale of 10. Size: XL only for men’s sizes 11.5 to 14. Cost: $34.99.

Toe Sliders:


Thick white in 3/16″ and 3/32″ in limited sizes. Cost: 1/16″ $25.99;  3/32″ $36.99

Thin teflon pull-on gripper style sliders


Fits either foot. Cost:  TOURNAMENT; $24.95, BALANCE PLUS; $39.95.



These are replacement feet for the Stabilizer. Can be bought individually. Cost: $1 each.



This tape is commonly used to teach rookies or for one time curlers. It is placed length-wise on the bottom of the sliding shoe.

Cost: $24.95 per roll.


There are two type of watches – ones that attach to the broom and ones that are hand held.

TEACHABLE MOMENT: There are 2 cautions on the use of a watch.1. If you are a rookie curler it is best to get used to judging rock weight and timing with your “bare” eye for maybe your first year. 2. Backenders find it difficult to use a watch attached to the broom because they use their broom as a target for their throwers.

Hand held watches:





The Goldline stopwatch provides an accurate, easy to read, and economical means to time rocks. The timing function is simple to use. A heavy duty battery ensures long life, even in cold conditions.

The timing of rocks is becoming more and more prevalent, even in social club play. You can use a stopwatch to determine if a teammate’s rock is light or heavy, and further, you can use it to assess the relative speed of the ice – important information to pass on to your skip and other teammates. The Goldline stopwatch comes with your choice of either a cord which may be used to attach it to your waist or belt, or a velcro broom attachment. The buttons are simple to use and the numbers are extra large and easy to read. COLOUR; RED; COST; $35.


Stopwatch: SOLD OUT



  • Extra Large Display
  • Cumulative Split
  • Extra Shock Resistant
  • 5 yr. Warranty and Battery
  • Black only
  • Cost: $29.95




ACCUSPLIT Pro Survivor –  BIG DIGITS FOR THE “FOCALLY” CHALLENGED even to 100th of a second. Assorted colours. A601XBK Stopwatch Pro Survivor functions: Cumulative split 1,2 fast finish split release action. Event timeout 24 hour time range, 12/24 time of day, date and day of week. Features millioncycle, no fail buttons. Ergonomically designed and heavy duty case. • Features • 24-hour timing range, cumulative-split stopwatch • Includes million-cycle no-fail switches • Uses Watch Company Operating System (WOS) 2.5 • 1.5-year battery life • Water resistant up to 100 feet should your sheet of ice melt. Cost: $34.95.

Watches on the broom


The Wrap watch


The Asham Wrapwatch; the new and innovative timing device. This watch was designed specifically for curling. The Asham Wrapwatch attaches to the broom with a silicone band and features stop, start and split time functions.

  • Split large LCD display with easy to read digits
  • Ergonomically designed to maximize visibility on handle
  • Stretchy, tactile feel housing
  • Angled face to minimize reflection and ease speed time visibility
  • Push screen to activate
  • 2 modes – standard stopwatch and rock timing with ASI (Audible Sweep Indicator)
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits all handles
  • Won’t slip when sweeping
  • Cost: $66.99



Attaches snuggly to the broom with a velcro strap. Cost: $59.99


The pocket strategy board is 4″ by 8″. The rocks are magnetic. Cost: $29.95. SOLD OUT FOR SEASON


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